My name is Carolina

I help visionaries turn 
bold ideas into reality.

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M Y  N A M E  I S  C A R O L I N A

I help visionaries turn
bold ideas into reality.

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You'll feel at home here if...

  • You don’t follow a traditional path. (You’d much rather build your own road than walk a traditional path.)
  • You KNOW you have a calling to build / create / achieve something BIG. (Even if you have NO idea how to get there… yet.)
  • Ignoring this calling will ONLY make it get louder, louder, and louder.
  • Your confidence might get shaken occasionally, but you also KNOW you have it in you to accomplish ambitious goals.
  • You plan to live your one wild & precious life to the fullest.
  • You CRAVE growth, innovation, and the BIGNESS of doing things you never even thought possible (maybe things you heard were impractical).
  • You’re here to make a difference in the world. (For your industry, for the planet, & to shake things up NOW for the benefit of future generations.)
  • And secretly, you also want to be recognized as the pioneer & bold change-maker that disrupted what needed to change.

Bottom Line: Living as a visionary isn’t a choice for you. It’s who you are. 

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Your One Life Podcast!

If ANY of the following statements ring true, I know EXACTLY how to help you…


  • You have LOTS of big ideas. Which means it can be hard to prioritize what needs to happen first, second, & next… And you find yourself jumping from thing to thing.
  • Being a DOER means you can get a lot done, but you’ve lost the space to THINK, envision, plan, and get strategic.
  • Uncertainty and failure are by your side - and at times you might feel the pain of doubt “Why did I choose something so hard? I don’t know how to… This is not working…”
  • People don’t understand the value of what you do – and you NEED to figure out how to get them to see it in order to make the money you need.
  • You need a team of A+ players, but you have a tendency to hold on to control & avoid conflict… instead of delegating & giving clear feedback – which is limiting your growth.
  • It’s possible that no one else in your family or social circle is driven like you. They may even question WHY you keep pushing so hard and taking risks. Leaving you feeling alone & misunderstood.

If you’re nodding your head “YES” at the screen, Hands Down. I’m Your Girl.

The three ways I can support you

Your One Life Podcast

My weekly podcast (FREE!) explores a variety of ideas & insights from innovators around the world to help you live the fullest, boldest, most adventurous experiences – with your ONE life.

Each week, I’ll curate their most fascinating ideas & offer tangible ways to use what we learn to manage your mindset and execute on ambitious goals.

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Visionary Collective

Imagine walking into a room of entrepreneurs, artists, & creatives who have committed their lives to reimagining the world through their work and creative expressions.

They get you and support you in creating the future as you intend.

This mastermind will challenge you to think in new ways, strengthen your motivation, & move further faster.

To make BIG things happen in the world, you need the following:

  1. A clear vision
  2. Result-producing strategies
  3. An elevated self-concept
  4. Emotional management
  5. An expanding network of thought-leaders

Visionary Collective is where you'll access and develop these with…

  • Experiential trainings to immediately learn and apply skills you may be missing now (sales, people management, time optimization, communication, landing BIG contracts, and more!)
  • Group masterminds to 
    workshop ideas and obstacles from those who've likely faced similar situations

To learn more about this community, click below to start a conversation with us.

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Executive Coaching

When we decide to pursue big dreams, we leave the safety of what we know. We find ourselves uncertain, doubtful and sitting with the discomfort of being at your edge.

Our brains will be working on overdrive to bring us BACK to “safety.”... (Exactly where we DON’T want to be.)

This is why it’s so important to not walk this path alone.

For well over a decade, I’ve been in the trenches supporting high achievers garner extraordinary results. For example my clients have gone from:

Being stuck with “Golden Handcuffs” as an executive in one of the top consulting firms to running her OWN company, replacing her previous salary while living the life of freedom & purpose she had always dreamed of.

Struggling as an artist making $30,000 a year to 10x’ing his income ($300,000/year) while still doing work he loves & collaborating with the biggest names in film & television you've absolutely heard of.

Killing it as the CMO of a big company, but feeling misaligned with their values to taking the leap into entrepreneurship & hitting 7-figures of revenue within 6 months of launching.

Working as an executive from 9 am - 11 pm daily, never being able to unplug from her phone to running a business in 5 hours a day that replaced her income, leaving plenty of time for her family, exploring new hobbies & building new friendships, too.

Hustling as a solo entrepreneur who did EVERYTHING in her business to building a team, expanding her locations & fulfilling her mission of impacting significantly more clients.

Now, it’s your turn.

You have a dream within you that’s dying to be brought to light. Let’s talk about how I can serve you along the way.

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In case we haven't met

Hi again, I'm Carolina.  

It’s been over 15 years since I walked off the traditional path. I quit my job on Wall Street. I started spending my time with  dreamers, creatives and humanitarians… those who crave to create something more than what's expected from them.

I've combined 10,000+ hours of coaching experience with a background in leadership, finance and business to support groundbreakers across all professions--artists, entrepreneurs, Fortune 500 CXO's--to create big things. To lean into their vision and guide them there.

My coaching style combines practical, hands-on strategies with tools to connect to inner wisdom using emotions as their rocket fuel. Every coaching package is customized to suit the unique needs and projects of the individual in front of me.

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